[luatex] reverse node lists

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Tue Nov 1 09:44:13 CET 2011

Hi Arno,

> this is again a rather simple question and I am sorry for taking your time for this …
> In short, I want to reverse all glyph nodes in a line, and/or all lines in a paragraph. I tried something like the following (with the idea to store all lines in a list, then replace the lines with the list in reversed order):
> function reverse(head)
> newlines = {}
> i = 1
>  for line in node.traverse_id(node.id"hhead",head) do
>    newlines[i] = line

a lua idiom is newlines[#newlines + 1] = ... - easer to read to the average Lua hackr.

>    i = i+1
>  end
> j = #newlines
>  for line in node.traverse_id(node.id"hhead",head) do
>    node.insert_before(head,line,newlines[j])
>    j = j-1
>  end
>  return head
> end

I have to admit that I don't understand exactly what is going on here. I never use the node.insert_* functions as they are some black magic to me, I always change next/prev pointsers manually, so I have the feeling of what I have to do. Therefore my brain just blocks when I try to analyze your code. Sorry. If you want a manual solution, see the following code. 



function swap_lines(lines, lineno1,lineno2 )
  local line1 = lines[lineno1]
  local line2 = lines[lineno2]
  local first_line_prev  = line1.prev
  local first_line_next  = line1.next
  local second_line_prev = line2.prev
  local second_line_next = line2.next

  first_line_prev.next = line2
  line2.prev = first_line_prev
  line2.next = first_line_next
  first_line_next.prev = line2
  second_line_prev.next = line1
  line1.prev = second_line_prev
  line1.next = second_line_next
  if second_line_next then
    second_line_next.prev = line1

function reverse_line( hlist )
  local head = hlist.list
  local rightskip = node.tail(head)

  -- "first" glyph
  local new_list = rightskip.prev
  local new_list_start = new_list

  -- new_list points to the last glyph
  head = new_list.prev

  while head do
    new_list.next = head
    new_list = head
    head = head.prev
  new_list.next = rightskip
  new_list_start.prev = nil

  -- prev pointers are still garbled, fix 'em:

function myfunc( head )
  local lines = {}
  while head do
    if head.id == 0 then
      lines[#lines + 1] = head
    head = head.next
  for i=1,math.floor(#lines / 2) do
    swap_lines(lines,i,#lines + 1 - i)
  return true



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