[luatex] Kerning (again) and biblatex

Heilmann, Till A. till.heilmann at unibas.ch
Sun Jun 26 21:31:24 CEST 2011

Sorry to bother you again with kerning problems. This time it is  
about citations generated by biblatex. I know that this is not  
exclusively a LuaTeX issue but I think the experts are on this list,  
so here I go anyway: Custom kerns are not inserted at some places  
within citations generated by biblatex (see--quite lengthy--minimal  
example below). It might have to do with mechanisms already discussed  
earlier here, i.e. penalties or glues preventing kerning.

In this particular case, I tracked the problem down to biblatex's  
\printfield and \printtext commands (see the \renewbibmacro*{journal 
+issuetitle+standard} command in the example): Avoiding the  
\printtext command for the output of the date field in articles, for  
example, solves the problem. But I cannot really avoid using these  
commands, of course, and my knowledge of TeX is not sufficient for a  
further analysis of \printfield and \printtext. I asked Philipp  
Lehman about this some time ago but he has not replied so far. Maybe  
someone on this list has an idea.

Thanks and best regards,

   Author = {Bernard Stiegler},
   Journal = {Theory, Culture~\& Society},
   Number = {2–3},
   Pages = {33-45},
   Title = {Teleologics of the Snail},
   Volume = {26},
   Year = {2009}}
languagesystem DFLT dflt ;
languagesystem latn dflt ;
feature kern {
   pos six slash 500 ;
   pos slash two 500 ;
   pos parenleft two 500 ;
   pos nine parenright 500 ;
} kern ;
\setmainfont[FeatureFile=test.fea]{TeX Gyre Bonum}
       {\blxdw at warning{%
         Field 'number' set, but 'volume' is empty
         \MessageBreak at entry '\abx at field@entrykey'.
         The output might not \MessageBreak be correct}}}
%    { (\usebibmacro{issue+date})}% <-- change previous line to this !
26/2–3 (2009)

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