[luatex] Bug when changing delimiter size?

Arnaud Schmittbuhl aschmittbuhl at libertysurf.fr
Wed Jun 1 08:22:14 CEST 2011

Hi all,

This code does not give the same result with a luatex compilation or a
pdf one (pb seen by V. Garibal on fctt)

- [bad]  This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.70.1-2011051923 (rev 4277)
- [good] This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-1.40.11 (TeX Live 2010)
- [good] This is XeTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.2-0.9997.4 (TeX Live 2010)

$\Arrowvert \big\Arrowvert$

I remember something similar with brackets in a math formula and some
otf fonts. In high size, left bracket got changed to a right one!

Arnaud Schmittbuhl

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