[luatex] The LuaTeXbook

Matthew J. Fisher mfisher_ix at maine.rr.com
Sun Jan 2 22:53:59 CET 2011

Hello Arthur,

At a minimum, a LuaTex wizard would need to know both Lua and TeX. 

I am no wizard. What makes me happy for now is to study TeX from the
TeXBook, while using LuaTex's plain TeX format. This gains me easy
access to several major extensions to TeX (e.g., support for OpenType
font features, unicode input, and hyphenation of accented languages).

 - Matt

sön 2011-01-02 klockan 19:38 +0100 skrev site4000 at free.fr:
> Hello,
> If I want to be a high level user/wizard/professional of TeX, I can buy 
> the TeXbook and learn everything in it and experiment a lot. Here is a 
> very interesting but heavy work to do.


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