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Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Freenet.DE
Sun Feb 27 22:21:34 CET 2011

Am 27.02.2011 um 17:15 schrieb Khaled Hosny:
> > Here on Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard, without Snow), PPC, mkluatexfontdb
> > also reports:
> >
> > 	luaotfload | error: failed to open /Library/Fonts/NISC18030.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | failed to load .Keyboard.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | failed to load .LastResort.ttf
> >
> > So these names should be put into the system's blacklist file as  
> well.
> Not necessary, luaotfload will ignore it anyway (that is different  
> from the above case where the engine itself is crashing).
The last two fonts are converted versions of system fonts, installed  
by a Fink package. Presumingly they're pretty useless and hopefully  
they don't get installed any more. FontForge can't use them. The first  
font is just a big bag of bitmapped CJK glyphs.
> > The script seems to catalogue some font files more often than once:
> >
> > 	luaotfload | loading font: /Library/Fonts/Extrafonts/Vera.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | loading font: /Library/Fonts/Extrafonts/Vera.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | loading font: /Library/Fonts/Extrafonts/Vera.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | loading font: /Library/Fonts/Extrafonts/Vera.ttf
> > 	luaotfload | loading font: /Library/Fonts/Extrafonts/Vera.ttf
> >
> > Is this necessary?
> Do you have OSFONTDIR set? may be the file is returned several times  
> by
> kpse e.g. one when asking for opentype fonts and one for truetype  
> fonts,
> but then you shouldn't see those lines in succession.
When I browsed through the output generated by mkluatexfontdb I saw  
that it again and again accessed the same fonts. Then I filtered the  
output with sort and cited a very small block. They were certainly not  
issued in succession.

I have OSFONTDIR set to /usr/X11/lib/X11/fonts//;/Library/Fonts//;/ 
Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6.0/Home/lib/fonts; in TL '09 I  
had also Fink font directories added, but it seems that FontForge can  
read any [reasonable] Apple font format, so I removed it now.  
Presumingly I can remove the X11 fonts too. (The only valuable fonts  
are local additions of "system" fonts. This path element will get  
removed afterwards!) I have added sym-links to the font files in / 
Library/Fonts/Extrafonts to the local X11 font directory.

> > Mkluatexfontdb has a systematic flaw: It makes no difference between
> > activated and not activated "installed" fonts (installed = can be
> > found on disk). So different versions of the same font are scanned
> > and catalogued. Is it chance which lets LuaTeX choose the font it
> > uses for PDF output?
> You can set OSFONTDIR to control what system font directories are  
> active
> or not,

This would make it necessary to organise the duplicate fonts  
differently. The OS' font service sets markers in its table of known  
fonts, so their place in the file system plays no role. (Maybe LuaTeX  
can learn from BeOS/NeXTSTEP a bit as well...)



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