[luatex] Error when compiling luatex on MacOS X

Patrick Gundlach patrick at gundla.ch
Wed Feb 16 08:32:16 CET 2011

>> I am able to compile LuaTeX on Mac OS X, 10.6.6, and I believe that this is snow leopard.

> How is your /usr/include/ucontext.h?

Very well, thanks for asking :)

#ifndef _UCONTEXT_H_
#define _UCONTEXT_H_

#include <sys/cdefs.h>

#include <sys/ucontext.h>

int  getcontext(ucontext_t *);
void makecontext(ucontext_t *, void (*)(), int, ...);
int  setcontext(const ucontext_t *);
int  swapcontext(ucontext_t * __restrict, const ucontext_t * __restrict);
#else /* !_XOPEN_SOURCE */
#error ucontext routines are deprecated, and require _XOPEN_SOURCE to be defined
#endif /* _XOPEN_SOURCE */

#endif /* _UCONTEXT_H_ */

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