[luatex] \mathchardef, etc., input range and \mathchar in text

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Thu Dec 22 14:53:04 CET 2011

Hi Joseph,

On 12/22/2011 02:50 PM, Joseph Wright wrote:
> These are marked 'unaltered', but XeTeX, pdfTeX and TeX "8000 is not
> valid. I suspect that this 'out by one' behaviour is not intentional,
> and it's certainly not what you'd expect from the docs.

Yes, that is a bug.

> An aside from the same tests. With other engines, using
> \mathchar<whatever>  in text gives an error about a missing $. I don't
> get that with LuaTeX, which seems to silently ignore this.  I assume
> this is a bug?

No, that is a feature. AFAIK, it is even documented somewhere in the 
math chapter of the reference manual.

Best wishes,

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