[luatex] Problem with latin modern fonts

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Tue Aug 23 10:16:59 CEST 2011

If I run the following document with lualatex (or xelatex) and then
copy and paste the text from the pdf (in adobe reader 8.1.3)
everything is fine. But if I uncomment the line with
^^^^006f^^^^0308 (o + dieresis) then the pdf still looks fine but
all accents disappear when I try to copy the text. I get this:

aous AOU e e

Only characters on the same page as the ^^^^006f^^^^0308 are

It looks like a latin modern bug for me (the effect disappears with
arial). Can someone confirm it? (I'm using the latin modern font in
miktex, version seems to be 2.004 from 2009)


äöüß ÄÖÜ é è 



Ulrike Fischer 

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