[luatex] lua scripts

Bob Tennent rdt at cs.queensu.ca
Fri Apr 22 14:36:08 CEST 2011

 >| > > It would be better to allow people to specify an alternative
 >| engine on
 >| >   the command line instead of changing the code.
 >| >
 >| >   Is it necessary to disallow users to enter the file name properly?
 >| >
 >| > To get the lua scripts into texlive-2011, I had to rush.  I'll refine
 >| > the musixtex.lua script.
 >|There is no need to hurry.  Even when the TL updater is turned off,
 >|packages from CTAN will still be included.  Updating of CTAN packages
 >|ceases when test images are provided, so there is still a lot of time.

Reinhard: An off-list message from Karl led me to think a change from
compiled binary and shell script to lua scripts *was* urgent (one week
was mentioned). In any case, I've implemented all your suggestions (for
which I thank you) and the revised versions are now at CTAN.

 >|I just see that in your CTAN package there is a file
 >|   fonts/map/dvipdfm/musixtex/musix.map
 >|which is waste.  map files for dvipdfm have never been used.  Instead,
 >|updmap creates dvipdfm.map automatically from the files in
 >|fonts/map/dvips and fonts/map/pdftex.  The TeX Live 2011 version of
 >|updmap will not create a dvipdfm.map file because there is no program
 >|anymore which uses it.  dvipdfm is a symlink to dvipdfmx, and the
 >|latter understands pdftex.map.

TeXLive isn't the *only* consumer of CTAN files. The dvipdfm map was in
the upstream bundle and presumably dvipdfm is used by some musixtex-ers.
The map file could be omitted from TeXLive if it's useless there.

Bob T.

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