[luatex] lua scripts

Ulrike Fischer luatex at nililand.de
Thu Apr 21 09:58:31 CEST 2011

Am Wed, 20 Apr 2011 23:03:32 +0100 schrieb T T:

>>> Ask on the MikTeX list.

>> I did. They sent me here.
> Who did?  Odd advice.  We are not developing MikTeX.  I can tell you
> all about script wrapping in TeX Live, but not in MikTeX.  This is not
> something standardized, like TDS.

I did. And I did because the first question was simply how texlua
finds the files not how to make stubs for scripts in miktex.

>>>  AFAIR, MikTeX automatically creates exe stubs
>>>  for perl and batch scripts located under <TEXMF>/scripts.  I wouldn't
>>>  be surprised if the same is done for (TeX)Lua scripts.

>> That would seem sensible. But it doesn't happen if you just put a lua
>> script under <TEXMF>/scripts and hit "Refresh FNDB"; perhaps it happens
>> when a MikTeX package is being put together.
> I just tried, it doesn't seem to work even for perl / batch scripts.
> Maybe I remember it wrong.

I investigated a bit. 

Miktex has in its bin-folder various .exe which are wrappers to call
scripts, e.g. 

mkluatexfontdb.exe= texlua mkluatexfontdb.lua
makeglossaries.exe= perl makeglossaries
ps2pdfxx.exe      =  ps2pdfxx.bat

There exist a scripts.ini in miktex/config which contains the pathes
to the actual scripts. E.g.


I also found in miktex\bin\internal applications called runperl.exe,
runtexlua.exe and runbat.exe.

One can rename copy runperl.exe to temporary folder and rename it to
makeglossaries.exe and it will behave like the original
makeglossaries, runmtxrun.exe renamed to context.exe works like

But I don't know how to make new wrappers with this applications.
The scripts.ini file is signed and if one tries to add a line for
e.g. a mycontext.exe one get errors:

mycontext: Damaged configuration file.
mycontext: Data: J:\MiKTeX2.9\miktex\config\scripts.ini:232: the
file has been tampered with. 

Miktex also doesn't use "local" scripts.ini. Only the one in the
main tree (in a single user installation) is used. So I think one
would have to ask Christian if and how one can add own scripts.

Ulrike Fischer 

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