[luatex] Fwd: Lua Workshop 2011

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Fri Apr 15 11:20:03 CEST 2011

This is some kind of CfP. :-)
The Lua workshop 2011 will be in Switzerland

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From: Marc Balmer <marc at msys.ch>
Date: 2011/4/15
Subject: Re: Workshop 2011
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Am 14.04.11 14:05, schrieb Roberto Ierusalimschy:
>> Maybe Lua Team should establish at least some minimal procedure and deadlines?
> We have been talking and it seems we can settle with Switzerland. Oxford
> is out, Santa Barbara got too few votes, and the others do not seem real
> options (e.g., no organizer, no details). And Marc seems really eager to
> host it :)
> Now we need dates.

The date is set now:  The workshop will take place september 8. - 9.

We already made some hotel arrangements (we get a reduced price at some
places) and the location for the social event/dinner on thursday, 8th,
is reserved.  Details will follow.

Now we need talks.

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