[luatex] combining files with pure LuaTeX

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Sep 26 16:17:06 CEST 2010

On 26 September 2010 Pablo Rodríguez wrote:

 > Hi there,
 > I have to combine PDF of two kinds in a way I describe bellow using only 
 > the LuaTeX win32 binary distributed at 
 > http://foundry.supelec.fr/gf/project/luatex (installing a complete TeX 
 > distribution isn't an option for me). I guess that this could be 
 > achieved with a LuaTeX script, but I don't know how.
 > I have two kind of PDF documents: A4-paged document and an image. Both 
 > are given to me. I don't have to modify them, only to combine them in a 
 > new document. The only thing is to place the image.pdf on a specific 
 > location on the pages of the document.pdf. document.pdf could have 
 > multiple pages and image.pdf must be added on all pages, but not all on 
 > the same position.
 > How could this be achieved? (The whole thing is a more complex process, 
 > but this is the first step.)

I did this with pdftex a week ago, but it works with luatex too.  The
first step is to place the image on a single A4 page and call this file

Then copy the stuff below to a file called add-background.tex:
% add-background.tex
% Usage: luatex add-background <some_file>.pdf
% Copyright (C) 2010 Reinhard Kotucha.
% You may freely use, modify and/or distribute this file.

\newlinechar`^^J \ifdefined\documentclass\nonstopmode
\errmessage{^^J! ERROR: Use luatex, not lualatex!^^J!

\pdfcompresslevel=9 \pdfmapfile{}
\pdfoutput=1 \pdfminorversion=5 \pdfobjcompresslevel=3
\pdfhorigin0pt \pdfvorigin0pt \count0=1 \catcode`\_=12
\pdfximage page 1 {background.pdf}
\newcount\background \background=\pdflastximage

\def\recurse{\pdfximage page \count0 {\file}%
   \pdfpagewidth=\wd0 \pdfpageheight=\ht0 \shipout\box0
   \advance\count0 by 1

\def\process#1 {\def\file{#1}\recurse}\catcode32=13 \let\ \space

Then run

  luatex add-background <your-file>

on the command line, where <your-file> is the PDF file you want to put
the background image on each page.

You can set 

  \pdfminorversion=4 \pdfobjcompresslevel=0

if necessary, it depends on the software you are using in further
steps.  I had to do this because the Multivalent library I was using
didn't support object stream compression. 


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