[luatex] Building LuaTeX.

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Fri Oct 1 23:58:22 CEST 2010

  Le 29/09/2010 10:48, luigi scarso a écrit :
 >/ Download context-setup-mswin.zip and unzip to a<directory> where you
/>/ want to install ConTeXt. It is recommended that you choose a
/>/ <directory>
/>/ that does not have a space in its full path. Then open cmd.exe, go to
/>/ the installation<directory> and run
/>/ #> first-setup.bat
/>/ then
/>/ #>cd<directory>/tex
/>/ #>call setuptex.bat
/>/ Next, save in test.tex this line
/>/ \startext\input tufte\stoptext
/>/ and then
/>/ #>context test.tex
/>/ You should have test.pdf .
/It works, and I have it. Now, if only context could produce the output 
file in the same directory as the source, I'd be very glad to be able to 
test my packages under a ConTeXtual environment, and perhaps even 
indulge in some ConTeXtualization from time to time, like, you know, a 
candy bar after organic whole grain buckwheat (meaning plain TeX).

[I know this is not the ConTeXt list, but a new ConTeXt user, however 
unsteady, is always good news, huh? Plus I've just noticed the moon was 
circling the earth in the bottom corners of the LuaTeX ref's pages, 
which I find incredibly, well, err, ConTeXtually cute. As in /it's so 
cute/, with a giggle.]

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