[luatex] fontspec prevents hyphenation

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Nov 23 21:34:56 CET 2010

Le 23/11/2010 21:24, Ulrike Fischer a écrit :
> I overlooked the call to language.def. But I found the source of the
> problem: There is a default language.def in the main texmf-tree in
> tex/plain and the generated language.def with the language entries
> is in tex/generic and so was never found. I will make a bug report.
> Where is language.def in TeXLive? tex/plain or tex/generic?
The generated one is in TEXMFSYSVAR/tex/generic, while the default one is in
TEXMFDIST/tex/generic. By the way, I just checked, the default file we ship
lists all languages, which might not be very reasonable. Anyway, the generated
file should always be there and take precedence.


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