[luatex] fontspec prevents hyphenation

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Nov 22 13:22:23 CET 2010

On 11/22/2010 12:17 PM, Pablo Rodríguez wrote:
> Hi Taco,
> I have already reported that fontspec prevents hyphenation in:
> \documentclass{book}
> \usepackage{fontspec}
> \usepackage[german,spanish]{babel}
> \newcommand{\getext}[1]{\foreignlanguage{german}{#1}}
> \newcommand{\geit}[1]{\foreignlanguage{german}{\emph{#1}}}
> \begin{document}
> \showhyphens{documento (documento)}
> \showhyphens{\emph{documento (documento)}}
> \showhyphens{(\getext{Umwelterlebnis}) (\getext{Andenken})}
> \showhyphens{(\geit{Umwelterlebnis}) (\geit{Andenken})}
> \end{document}
> Sorry, I don't know what isn't working here, but you told that there was
> something to fix in luatex.
> After upgrading to luatex-0.64, the hyphenation doesn't work when
> (\emph{example}) occurs.
> Would you be so kind to fix this?

The problematic case seems to be: a combination of a non-letter in one
font, followed by a letter in another font. LuaTeX does not consider
that a valid word start. I will add an item to the tracker database.

Best wishes,

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