[luatex] LuaLaTeX mailing list

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 05:20:33 CEST 2010


While getting LaTeX and LuaTeX playing nicely hasn't progressed as 
quickly as some would like, there's been a little bit of development 
mainly focussed around getting fontspec working in LuaTeX  as it does 
in XeTeX.

This work has been done mostly by Elie Roux and Khaled Hosny and Manuel 
Pégourié-Gonnard; my involvement (unfortunately not a much as I would 
like) has been in the TeX-based macros of fontspec itself; cleaning it 
up a little and fixing bugs and adding the internal features to suit 
the needs of LuaTeX.

(This new version of fontspec isn't quite ready to be released but it 
basically works right now. Still need more documentation, etc.)

We have a discussion group set up for LuaLaTeX work, which was recently 
mentioned by Manuel:

Any questions or discussion related to LuaLaTeX are welcome there. I'm 
not trying to fragment this LuaTeX group; my feeling is just that most 
people here don't care so much for what happens on the LaTeX side of 
the fence :)


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