[luatex] Cyrillic in \directlua0

shiva shavrin.ivan at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 17:19:01 CET 2010

Hi, all.

I am trying to use lualatex with cyrillic characters (lualatex version
is beta-0.50.0-2009122515)

Here is main.tex file
Здравствуй, Мир

tex.print("Здравствуй, Мир")

"lualatex main.tex" produced main.pdf, with this content:
Здравствуй, Мир

T2ACYRZ T2Acyrd T2Acyrr T2Acyra T2Acyrv T2Acyrs T2Acyrt T2Acyrv
T2Acyru T2Acyrishrt , T2ACYRM T2Acyri T2Acyrr

We see, that first line produced correctly, but the second line is not.

The question is: Does LuaLaTeX support cyrillic symbols inside luacode?

Best wishes,
Shavrin Ivan

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