[luatex] \pdfthread makes LuaTeX crash.

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Tue Mar 16 17:02:30 CET 2010

Paul Isambert wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm having fun with pdfTeX's pdf features, and turning to LuaTeX v0.51, 
> there seems to be something wrong. Indeed, \pdfthread makes it crash, 
> even in as simple a document as:
> \pdfthread name{hello}
> \bye
> and by "crash" I mean "crash badly" , i.e. a Windows error message 
> "LuaTeX has encountered a problem and needs to close, et cetera". This 
> does not happen with pdfTeX, naturally.

will get back on this shortly.

> Something completely different:
> Taco mentionned "Some tweaking of buildpage_filter, see the manual for 
> details" in the v0.51 announcement, but I can't see any difference 
> between the two manuals (0.5 vs. 0.51) on this point (except in the 
> typography). Where did I miss something (I've made a simple search on 
> "buildpage_filter")?

That was commit #3417, and the manual was actually updated:

  \NC \ssbf value     \NC \bf explanation                        \NC\NR
  \NC alignment       \NC a (partial) alignment is being added   \NC\NR
  \NC after_output    \NC an output routine has just finished    \NC\NR
+\NC pre_box         \NC pending data is flushed before a
+                        typeset box that will be added         \NC\NR
+\NC pre_adjust      \NC the \type{\vadjust pre} list of the
+                        next box (if any)                      \NC\NR
  \NC box             \NC a typeset box is being added           \NC\NR
+\NC adjust          \NC the \type{\vadjust} list of the
+                        previous box (if any)                  \NC\NR
  \NC new_graf        \NC the beginning of a new paragraph       \NC\NR
  \NC vmode_par       \NC \tex{par} was found in vertical mode   \NC\NR
  \NC hmode_par       \NC \tex{par} was found in horizontal mode \NC\NR

What this comes down to is that buildpage_filter is now called from
within the paragraph breaker more often than before: instead of a
single call with 'box' value per line, there can now be upto four calls:
once for pending material that was present before a line was to be added
(pre_box), once for any \vadjust pre material, the line box itself, and
once for the any \vadjust {} material from the current line box.

Best wishes,

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