[luatex] tex.setskip

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Tue Jul 27 12:14:52 CEST 2010

Selon Patrick Gundlach <patrick at gundla.ch>:

> > You should use tex.setskip(5,myskip.spec).
> Yes... (I need a course on "reading documentation").

The glue_spec as nodes to glue nodes are a bit confusing, I think. But the
manual (to version 0.60.2) states that in the future "the glue fields themselves
will become part of the nodes referencing glue items", which means, if I get it
right (I'm not certain), that glue nodes will have those fields directly (i.e.
<glue node>.width, <glue node>.stretch_order, etc.).

By the way, browsing the manual, I find on page 156 that the glue subtype 103 is
"\aleaders". Is it a typo for "\gleaders" (the new LuaTeX leaders, which aren't
referenced here), or what are \aleaders?


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