[luatex] not able to load a PostScript font

Pablo Rodríguez oinos at web.de
Mon Jul 26 23:14:09 CEST 2010

On 07/26/2010 06:49 PM, Khaled Hosny wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 26, 2010 at 08:41:19AM +0200, Patrick Gundlach wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> But you can still use them as TFM fonts, nothing changed here.
>> But you do have to deal with encodings, and have to "install" the font.
>> My customers demand Type1 fonts 50% of the time. (But I am using my own font subsystem anyway - I don't have extra code in there for type 1 fonts, they "just" work, so I wonder what the reason is for dropping type1 support.)
> We, luaotfload and fontspec, never supported Type1 fonts to drop it,
> ConTeXt does but this is a different matter. Type1 fonts are useless to
> me (Arabic non-smart fonts need more additional work than merely being
> able to load them), so I, myself, have no real interest in it.

Thanks for your reply, Kahled.

Sorry, I don't understand that fontspec never supported Type1 fonts. I 
have been using the Type1 font as any other system font thanks to 
fontspec (version 1) in XeLaTeX.

> Nobody is producing new Type1 fonts, except in TeX, and there are tools
> and existing macro packages that handle such fonts, one can still use
> them in LuaTeX.

Does any of them allow the use of the Type1 font without having to 
install it for (Lua)TeX?

Thanks for your help,


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