[luatex] pdfpages and lualatex?

Andreas Matthias andreas.matthias at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 21:15:37 CET 2010

stefano franchi wrote:

> Thanks for the replies. It looks like the problem is with my pdf file. It
> has been produced with Scribus. There must be some problem that xeTeX and
> pdfLaTeX ignore, while LuaTeX does not.
> This is what I see in the log file:
>  <./0-Frontmatter/0-TOC-and-Titlepage/Titlepages-Libertine.pdf
> LuaTeX warning: PDF inclusion: /Resources missing. 'This practice is not
> recomm
> ended' (PDF Ref.)
>> ]
> <0-Frontmatter/0-TOC-and-Titlepage/Titlepages-Libertine.pdf, id=11, page=2,
> 614
> .295pt x 794.97pt>
> File: 0-Frontmatter/0-TOC-and-Titlepage/Titlepages-Libertine.pdf Graphic
> file (
> type pdf)

It seems like the pdf is actually included. Maybe it's just not
visible in the final pdf?

Can you make Titlepages-Libertine.pdf available for some test?
Or a similar pdf that causes the same problems?

> The listfiles is:

Looks good. At least it is not a wrong driver file that causes
the problem.


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