[luatex] Luatex 0.62.0 announcement

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Mon Aug 23 09:01:16 CEST 2010


I have just uploaded the archives for a new luatex release, 0.62.0.
This is a development release, but it also fixes some nasty bugs
in beta 0.61.0, so if you use that right now, upgrading is recommended.


* LuaTeX now uses libpoppler (0.12.4) instead of xpdf.

* All backend functions now report what file they were searching
   for whenever a file cannot be found.

* Input-ed lua files are now mentioned in the fls file if
   the --recorder switch is specified on the command line.

* Paragraph indentation hlist nodes and hlist and vlist nodes
   generated by alignment rows and cells now have a subtype
   (3 for indent box, 4 for rows/columns, 5 for cells).

* The 'epdf' lib is in active development and still growing.

* The 'fontforge' table is finally removed (was deprecated
   since 0.40).


* A new mplib import fixes two bad bugs in mplib:
   - string equality test was wrong
   - type declarations could delete pre-existing variables

* PNG images with transparency could create random size
   differences in the generated PDF.

* In some special cases, font expansion could cause wrong
   spacing in the generated PDF.

* \letterspacefont was broken since a very long time.

* The node subtype of the \leftskip and \rightskip glues was

* Some memory leaks have been removed.

* Various manual fixes.

The archives can be downloaded from supelec as usual:


You could also check out the sources via anonymous svn:

   svn co http://foundry.supelec.fr/svn/luatex/tags/beta-0.62.0

Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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