[luatex] LuaTeX file almost 2.5x bigger

Robert w.m.l at gmx.net
Mon Aug 2 23:04:07 CEST 2010

On 02.08.10 17:14, Hans Hagen wrote:
> On 31-7-2010 8:10, Robert wrote:
>> My impression is that Hans may have been referring to the first tests,
>> which you carried out at NTG and Dante in 1999, where *level 2*
>> expansion wasn't available yet.
> Level 2 was there already (actually I never used level 1), maybe not in
> distributions but definitely on my machine.

 From Thanh's thesis (p. 91):

| A quick survey of the very first experiments (done by Hans Hagen and
| Taco Hoekwater) was made by Hans Hagen (May 1999). At the meantime,
| only level 1 font expansion was available.

>>> - Protrusion was seen as a bug.
>> Then it was probably overdone (eg., hyphens protruding by their full
>> width).
> eh .. that's quite normal for hanging punctuation

But it's a mistake IMO. That's what lp/rpcodes are there for, after all.


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