[luatex] About \mathdir and \pardir

Vafa Khalighi vafa at users.berlios.de
Thu Apr 1 12:02:36 CEST 2010

If one defines,

\newif\if at RTL
\newif\if at RTLmaths
\def\paragraphdir{\if at RTL\pardir TRT \textdir TRT\else \pardir TLT \textdir
\def\mathsdir{\if at RTLmaths\mathdir TRT\else\mathdir TLT}

 If you say,


You see no LTR maths, no change. Further, if you have


This is a test.

Then you get the wrong behaviour; text direction is RTL but paragraph
direction is  not.

I think this behaviour is not correct. LuaTeX's direction primitives should
be accessible through \everypar, \everymath and \everydisplay primitives.

Best wishes,
Vafa Khalighi
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