[luatex] Luatex 0.45.0 announcement

Taco Hoekwater taco at elvenkind.com
Wed Nov 18 16:15:10 CET 2009


I have just uploaded the archives for a new luatex release, 0.45.0.

New features:

* Loading big OTF fonts via lua is now much faster than before,
  at the expense of a bit of precision loss in the calculated
  bounding boxes.

* Two new token lists are provided: \pdfxformresources and
  \pdfxformattr, as an alternative to \pdfxform keywords.

* \input and \openin now accept braced filenames.

* The \endlinechar can now be set to any value between 0 and 127.

* Luatex can now optionally use kpathsea to find lua require()

* The new primitives \aligntab and \alignmark are aliases for
  the use of & and # in alignments.

* \pdfrefximage [width <dimen>] [height <dimen>] [depth <dimen>] <imageref>
  overrules settings from \pdfximage for this \pdfrefximage call only

* The print precision for small numbers in lua code (tostring)
  has been improved.

* Akira Kakuto suppled a patch that restricts writing to files
  with names such as latex.bat etc. (on windows only)

* (un-feature): from now on luatex now only handles 4 direction
  specifiers: TLT (latin), TRT (arabic), RTT (cjk), and LTL
  (mongolian). The other directions now generate an error.

* (un-feature): xpdf's automatic lower- and uppercasing retry attempts
  for nonfound image pdf files has been removed.

* The callbacks hpack_filter, vpack_filter and pre_output_filter
  pass on an extra string argument for the direction, when known
  (nil == use default).

* The lua functions node.hpack(), node.vpack() and node.dimensions()
  now accept an optional direction argument (not given == use default).

* \pdfrefxform [width <dimen>] [height <dimen>] [depth <dimen>] <formref>
  scales a form object; similar principle as with \pdfximage: depth alone
  doesn't scale, it shifts vertically.

* A change to the relative ordering inside font name discovery for use
  by the backend: now it tries <f>.psname first, as that is much less
  likely to contain spaces.

* For ttc fonts, now the used subfont name and its index id are printed
  to the terminal, and if the backend cannot find a ttc subfont, the
  run is aborted.

Bug fixes:

* Prevent crashes for lua-loaded fonts without a (tfm) name.

* Remove spurious newlines in the output pdf that could be the
  result of using \pdfximage for an included pdf figure too early.

* Full font embedding for wide otf and ttf fonts now really
  works (older versions only pretended that it did work).

* node.dimensions() sometimes continued past the 'stop' node.

* Images inside virtual fonts were broken.

* The processing of \language=-1 was wrong, resulting in
  hyphenation attempts even though there was no proper language
  set up.

* Fix for finding files in --output-directory.

* Fix for handling of --file-line-error.

* tex.box[] assignments are now checked to make sure the assigned
  node has the right id (hlist or vlist).

* show_node_list (as in \showbox) produced spurious local_par
  whatsit prints in the output after direction nodes.

* The handling of pdf literals has been sped up.

The archives can be downloaded from supelec as usual:


You could also check out the sources via anonymous svn:

  svn co http://foundry.supelec.fr/svn/luatex/tags/beta-0.45.0

Bugs and feature requests can be added to the issue tracker at


Have fun,

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