[luatex] BOM

Yannis Haralambous yharalambous at me.com
Sat May 16 00:41:39 CEST 2009

Le 16 mai 09 à 00:37, Taco Hoekwater a écrit :

>  In UTF-8, the BOM corresponds to the byte sequence <EF16 BB16 BF16>.
>  Although there are never any questions of byte order with UTF-8 text,
>  this sequence can serve as signature for UTF-8 encoded text where the
>  character set is unmarked.

Whether useful or not, a bug or a feature, something must be done;  
because the average user is helpless when something invisible for him  
appears at the very beginning of his file, before he can even write  
anything. The catcode change must be in the format file so that when  
the first bytes of the TeX file are read, they can be ignored.

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