[luatex] bug in RTL typesetting?

Elie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Sun Mar 29 15:00:10 CEST 2009

وفا خلیقی a écrit :
> the next thing is equations, so for example to the same test.tex, if I add
> \begin{equation}
> 1+2=3
> \end{equation}
> I get different results in dvi and pdf mode. (look at attached files).

What you should do is giving a small example of this in plain TeX, as a 
lot of people on the list don't use LaTeX at all. The best thing would 
be to extract some code from LaTeX to see what's going on when you type 
\begin{equation}xx\end{equation} in LaTeX, and to see where the bug is 
in this code. With this the LuaTeX team will be able to work on the bug.

Thank you,

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