[luatex] luatex beta 0.36.0

Yue Wang yuleopen at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 11:25:43 CET 2009

Hi, Taco:

On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 6:04 PM, Taco Hoekwater <taco at elvenkind.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Somehow I can't seem to do these announcements without an error :(
> Taco Hoekwater wrote:
>> * New lua function: node.vpack() via a patch from Khaled Hosny
>>   that also improves error handling in node.hpack().
> Wrong attribution. The patch was by Yue Wang, sorry.

Never mind:)

btw, vpack() and hpack() still admit numeric third argument (exactly
and additional are just macros in WEB source). So maybe it will be
better to change

            else if (lua_type(L, 3) == LUA_TNUMBER) {
                m = lua_tonumber(L, 3);
            } else {
                lua_pushstring(L, "incorrect 3rd argument");


            else {
                lua_pushstring(L, "incorrect third argument");

So the conditional tests will be more strict.

Anyway, since the API will be changed in the future (as Hans said in
that mail), It is fine if we don't touch that at this moment.

> Best wishes,
> Taco

Yue Wang

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