[luatex] Luatex primitive names

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Mar 11 09:45:17 CET 2009

Karl Berry wrote:
> Taco (or anyone) -- is there some simple Lua function which returns some
> engine identification?
> I'm thinking of something like
> \directlua{tex.engine_ident()}  (sorry, wrong syntax, I know),
> which both luatex and xetex could implement.
> (I concur with the opinions of only exposing \directlua.)

2.1 Version information
There are three new primitives to test the version of LuaTEX:
primitive explanation
\luatexversion a combination of major and minor number, as in pdfTEX; 
the current current value
is 34
\luatexrevision the revision, as in pdfTEX; the current value is 0
\luatexdatestamp a combination of the local date and hour when the 
current executable was compiled,
the syntax is identical to \luatexrevision; the value for the executable
that generated this document is 2009022411.
Note that the \luatexdatestamp depends on both the compilation time and 
compilation place of the
current executable, it is defined in terms of the local time. The 
purpose of this primitive is solely to be
an aid in the development process, do not use it for anything besides 

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