[luatex] Proposal to fix the namespace argument

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Sun Mar 8 18:28:56 CET 2009

Arno Trautmann a écrit :
>> 1.  The LuaTeX team name the primitives whatever they please (personally
>> I like the names they've chosen up until now).
>> 2.  The LaTeX team or the TeX Live team maintains a luatexconfig.tex
>> file that maps all new LuaTeX primitives to some sort of hidden
>> namespace that is accessible by package authors.
>> 3.  Probably Plain should do something similar.
> I think, this is the best solution.
So do I.

>> Is there a comprehensive list of primitives defined by LuaTeX? I've got
>> a long list culled from the manual but I'm not sure if I caught them
>> all. The list I've got is in the file luatexconfig.tex here:
>>  <http://github.com/wspr/lualatex/tree/master>
> One question: Why the _ as separator?

I have a more general question: why a separator?  Why not just using a prefix
but keeping the new name usable with "normal" catcodes?  It would be coherent
with current primitive names, and "agnostic" concerning expl3 vs LaTeX2e.

I think it's best to separate clearly the two folowing goals:
1. Implement a namespace system in order to avoid clashes, which should be done
in your proposed luatexconfig.tex.
2. Hide primitives from the user, which should be left to expl3 or whatever
macro package.


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