[luatex] LuaTeXtra code review

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 05:25:22 CET 2009

On 2009-03-07 10:20:33 +1030, Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard 
<mpg at elzevir.fr> said:

> Elie Roux a écrit :
>> Heiko Oberdiek a écrit :
>>> \new... is a naming convention of plain.tex/latex.ltx.
>>> attribute, codetable comes from LuaTeX, why not
>>> \newluaattribute and \newluacatcodetable?
>> Seems logical, but it seems also logical that all primitive start by
>> \lua... I must admit I also prefer \newluaattribute...
> FWIW, I also prefer \newluaattribute. For some reasons, I had problems 
> correctly dividing \luanewattribute into words the first time I saw it.

However, if this is intended to be a programmers macro, maybe you 
should give it a name with @ somewhere. (Otherwise the point of 
renaming the thing diminishes.)

So maybe
  \lua at newattribute
and so on.

Oh wait, this package is supposed to target plain LuaTeX as well, isn't 
it? So maybe using @ isn't the best idea.


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