[luatex] macros to invoke lua in LaTeX

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 15:38:54 CET 2009

On 2009-03-05 21:33:04 +1030, Hans Hagen 
<pragma at wxs.nl> said:
> well, i myself ran into it several times -)
> also, users redefining primitives are out of anyones control -)

Oh, I was more referring to new problems with LuaTeX; most of its new 
primitives (that I've seen) seem rather esoteric in terms of clashing 
with existing code.

Wondering if Karl's legitimate complaints are based on real problems 
already or expected problems down the road (I suspect the latter).

I don't have a strong opinion either way but, well, I guess I'm 
optimistic enough to expect that any code that breaks can be easily 
fixed. (E.g., \let\attribute\relax.)


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