[luatex] lualatex fails with fontfile named in utf8

Dohyun Kim nomosnomos at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 13:03:27 CEST 2009

2009년 6월 10일 (수) 오후 7:19에 Taco Hoekwater<taco at elvenkind.com>님이 작성:
> There was a fairly serious bug in the printing of csnames
> (it encoded the input string again) and that is causing the
> current problem. It was working before exactly because the
> utf-8 (file)names were incorrectly un-encoded so the two
> bugs cancelled themselves out.
> I believe the current luatex trunk (and branch/0.40.x) are
> now ok, but I would appreciate it if you would do some
> more tests with utf-8 files before I release luatex 0.40.5

Thank you so much. It works fine now.
Processing tex file in utf8 filename works ok as well.

By the way, before releasing 0.40.5,
would you please fix the bug related to alignment?

% hans hagen's luatex-plain shipped with context beta
% aligmment
Horizontal lists&Chapter 14\cr
Vertical lists&Chapter 15\cr
Math lists&Chapter 17\cr}

Plain tex fails with segmentation fault; context fails as well.

Best Regards,
Dohyun Kim

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