[luatex] [Dev-luatex] \pdfcompresslevel

Vladimir Volovich vvv at vsu.ru
Wed Jul 22 14:56:23 CEST 2009

"TH" == Taco Hoekwater writes:

 >> just a thought - if cleanup for making \pdfcompresslevel static makes
 >> the code simpler ("The compression level is now a part of the pdf
 >> back-end structure ..."), maybe there could be an option in the
 >> \pdfobj to force a particular stream to have no compression, instead
 >> of making \pdfcompresslevel dynamic?

 >> something like \pdfobj stream nocompress ...

 TH> I am thinking of pushing a whatsit into the node stream to control
 TH> such settings. That or your solution will become a requirement if
 TH> we ever want to move the backend to a separate thread.

if the purpose to disable compression is for debugging, then your
suggestion to "be brave and not compress the pdf at all" is the best

the rest of the need to prevent compression seems to be for specific
streams such as metadata, where it is enough to use an option in the
\pdfobj, instead of making a more complex approach with whatsit nodes.


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