[luatex] [metapost] Using the mplib inside luatex

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 11 20:56:33 CET 2009

Taco Hoekwater wrote:
> Elie Roux wrote:
>> Hans Hagen a écrit :
>>> Elie Roux wrote:
>>>> It works perfectly now, thank you a lot! It'll be extremely useful 
>>>> for further developments of my style! Does someone have the time to 
>>>> put in into LaTeX?
>>> you can probably just load the files in latex because mp inclusion is 
>>> not that sensitive for embedding/interference and is quite 
>>> independent (contrary to the mpto pdf converter supp-pdf which does 
>>> conversion and has to be hooked into graphic inclusion code), so 
>>> wrapping in some .sty file should be enough
>> It is, thanks. Can the mplib code work in dvi mode too? 
> Not using this approach, because DVI format doesn't support graphic
> commands. But of course it is possible to have MPlib create Postscript
> output using the postscript() function, save that in an external file,
> and then include that image using graphics.sty or something similar.

technically we can use specials (as with supp-pdf) but i wonder if it's 
worth the trouble as luatex is focusing on pdf


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