[luatex] multiple callbacks

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Sun Jan 4 22:00:05 CET 2009

Elie Roux wrote:
> Sorry for the noise, I'm stupid...
> But anyway, as you can see, this small lua file is working... Should I 
> continue it to come up with a file that would be integrated in LuaTeX?

since there are multiple (conceptually different) solutions there will 
be no 'integrated solution' (we would end up with 
callback-variant-1.tex, callbacks-variant-2.tex etc).

what you can best do is to make a style file (say that you target at 
latex) that then can be loaded first and it's functionality becomes 
available to other styles

a comparable situation happened with pdftex: in order to let latex work 
well with pdftex, at some point hyperef showed up which had all the 
functionality needed; for xetex somethign similar is the case; i think 
that heiko made some code for latex already (dealing with colors) so 
callback handlers (in latex) should cooperate well with that too

so, what you can best do is make something similar for latex, and its 
natural place would then be under tex/latex/luatex or so; as long as 
names of such styles are not conflicting it's ok; then, when someone 
else makes a style, you can try to convince the author to build upon the 
same mechanisms


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