[luatex] LuaTeX + LaTeX

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Tue Feb 3 23:46:55 CET 2009

> This compatibilty is broken with two major packages: inputenc and fontenc. 
> The two styles are not working at all anymore.

  There is a small lua-inputenc contributed by Javier Bezos
(CTAN:macros/latex/exptl/lualatex/lua-inputenc/), that does some of the
basics, but you'll surely run into some problems, in particular if you
want to write out to a file (XeTeX's \XeTeXinputencoding has the same

  fontenc would surely be a much bigger issue.

  To speak the truth, I think it's quite a waste of time to try
implementing inputenc and fontenc in LuaTeX, because they're so much
tied to the 8-bit limitations of the older TeX engines: it sounds to me
like wanting to draw a railway carriage with horse power (or, for our
Australian readers, Afghan camels ;-)

  The only reasonable method is, again as for XeTeX, to use UTF-8
throughout, together with a LuaTeX-aware fontspec, and no inputenc nor
fontenc, and users have to be educated to do so (once this lua-fontspec
exists, that is).


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