[luatex] ini files for TL 2009

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Fri Apr 17 13:40:52 CEST 2009

On Do, 16 Apr 2009, Karl Berry wrote:
> It doesn't make sense to me for "luatex" to not provide anything extra.
> It seems to me that (pdf)lua(la)tex should provide the luatex
> primitives, just as pdf(la)tex provides pdftex primitives, etc.
> If luatex is *invoked* as pdftex, then it should only have pdftex
> primitives.  That would be done in pdftex.ini, not any *lua*.ini.  We're
> years away (at least) from that, though.

I do agree on that 150%!

If one invoces pdftex -> he gets pdftex primitives,
if one invoces pdfetex -> he got pdftex and etex primitives

if one invoces luatex -> he gets pdftex, etex, luatex, aleph, all
primitives supported by luatex.

if one invoces luatex *as* pdftex -> he should only get what pdftex

Can we have the ini files like that?

BTW; that is a different discussion from the default output format. I am
fine with luatex defaulting to pdf output, and there is even NO
dviluatex or so (but maybe cmd line, or whatever).

Best wishes


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