[luatex] otf fonts (ligatures, cache, etc.)

وفا خلیقی vafakh9 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 07:33:27 CEST 2009

In LaTeX, if you use the code in a document like



\pagedir TRT \bodydir TRT \pardir TRT \textdir TRT

\directlua {



at 14pt




این یک آزمایش است که در حال وقوع است.




Then when you have \section in it, LuaTeX gives error and that is

! LuaTeX error /home/vafa/texmf/tex/luatex-fonts/font-def.lua:337: attempt
to c

all field 'read_from_afm' (a nil value).

<to be read again>


l.16 \section{مقدمه}


but if you write just normal texts without using any CS, then there is no

I will write an interface for handling fonts in LaTeX very soon provided
these kind of issues can be fade away.
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