[luatex] luatex's pause

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Apr 8 03:05:25 CEST 2009

    The problem are the hyphenation patterns:

Glad you knew the answer, Heiko.

If you or anyone can propose a better (pdf)lualatex.ini for TL'09 (such
that existing documents still work, of course), that would be great.
This is lualatex.ini (minus comments):

\input pdftexconfig.tex
\input latex.ltx

pdflualatex.ini just omits the \pdfoutput=0 line.

As for plain luatex and pdfluatex, I have no clue off the top of my head
how to make it hook into the etex hyphenation stuff such that existing
documents don't change.  I left the "language.def" out of their
fmtutil.cnf entries, but did not have any clear vision about it.

lualatex        luatex  language.dat    lualatex.ini
pdflualatex     luatex  language.dat    pdflualatex.ini
luatex		luatex	-		luatex.ini
pdfluatex	luatex	-		pdfluatex.ini


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