[luatex] bug in RTL typesetting?

Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Apr 2 14:00:38 CEST 2009

There are two things I find weird:

1) why do you slant Arabic script to the right??? It's like slanting  
Latin script to the left, which is quite ugly

2) why do you use a circle for the zero and not a centered lozange- 
shaped dot as it is traditional in Arabic?

You should read Azzeddine's work on typesetting Arabic mathematics, he  
did his PhD on this.


Le 2 avr. 09 à 12:53, وفا خلیقی a écrit :

> The blow page is an incomplete Persian  maths textbook. It is a book  
> on topology written by Mehdi Omidali. The document is typeset by  
> xepersian. That should gives you an idead of how persian maths  
> should look like.
> http://parsilatex.org/topology.pdf

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