[luatex] bug in RTL typesetting?

وفا خلیقی vafakh9 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 12:32:00 CEST 2009

> I noted that. I think it should be affected only by \mathdir changes,
> when \mathdir is TLT, I think the user expects math to be done the way
> TeX usually does it. I checked FarsiTeX[1] and RyDArab[2] typeset
> samples, and both put the equation in the middle of the page (in
> FarsiTeX math is always LTR, while RyDArab can typeset RTL math as
> well). I thought that equation number position should be swapped, but
> FarsiTeX don't swap it, so I think it'd be better controlled at macro
> level.
What you have seen in FarsiTeX is the standard mathematics in Persian. In
Persian mathematics is the same as LTR mathematics, not a single difference
but we only have persian numbers instead latin ones. The equation numbers
also should be unchanged in Persian. You can also look at xepersian outputs
for more clue.
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