[lltx] luaotfload requires lowercase filenames, MikTex 2.9 Windows 10

Robert Allgeyer anyttwo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 20 19:17:05 CEST 2016

Hi -

Using MikTeX Portable 2.9 on Windows 10. Compiling with LuaLaTeX. This may
well be platform-specific.

I have font Cinzel-Regular.otf. This file was obtained from a place other
than the TeX distribution, but I assure you that's not the problem. Indeed,
if you are going to try the MWE here, it's probably best if you do not have
TeX's own Cinzel package installed. I only chose this particular font
because you probably have it handy. I first noticed this with proprietary
fonts that most others won't have.

I put the font where TeX can find it and update FNDB and formats, also
clear prior luatex-cache. Here is a MWE, thanks to Will Robertson (I first
raised the issue with him, thinking that the problem was with fontspec):

{\font\x="[Cinzel-Regular.otf]" at 10pt\x This is Cinzel Regular.}

The above code FAILS. However, if I change
then it WORKS. The only change is font fle name to lowercase. The actual
file does have some uppercase in its name, but I did not need to change the
font's own file name.

I am a writer (fiction), not mathematics or dissertations. Previously I
used pdfLaTeX with otf fonts converted into several PostScript files via
LY1 encoding and otftotfm. That's a very long song and dance! Fortunately
my font licenses allowed it. Worked great with microtype. Turns out that
LuaLaTeX also works well enough with microtype (I do not need the
non-working features). Now I can call style sets from within my document,
without needing to decompose the fonts. Yaaaaay!

Robert Allgeyer
California USA
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