[lltx] Luatex and multiple pattern files

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Mon Apr 11 19:17:02 CEST 2016

Am Mon, 11 Apr 2016 16:43:55 +0200 schrieb Claudio Beccari:

> Dear friends,
> I am facing a serious problem with luatex and its policy tho load 
> pattern file only in demand, English excluded.
> The synonyms keyword in language.dat.lua contains the list of language 
> names for which a given pattern file is applicable. The analogous 
> hyphennames keyword in polyglossia does more or less the same thing.
> But there are language variants that require different hyphenation 
> rules, and therefore different pattern files.
> You cannot select the proper hyphenation pattern file with any specific 
> variant of the same language.

I'm not quite sure what is actually your problem. 

But I don't think that the "policy" to load pattern files on demand
is a problem. 

E.g. if I do this here




Hallo Welt!



Then the log-files reports (assembled from various places):

Language latin was not yet loaded; created with id 4
Language latin already loaded; id is 4

Language classiclatin was not yet loaded; created with id 8
Language classiclatin already loaded; id is 8
Package polyglossia Info: Option: Classic Latin.

So obviously for both languages pattern files have been loaded
without problems. 

With babel it works fine too:


Hallo Welt!



gives in the log a long list of language assigments, and when
hyphenations are requested the patterns are loaded e.g.

ASCII Classical Latin hyphenation patterns

Ulrike Fischer 

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