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Hi Ulrike!

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> Am Sun, 26 May 2013 11:10:08 +0200 schrieb Philipp Gesang:
> >> If you have the same font installed in a TEXMF tree and in a system
> >> font directory, luaotfload is using the system font.  This is very bad.   
> > Well, isn’t that the reason why I installed that font in the
> > first place?
> >> If somebody installs TL from tug.org, I suppose that he wants to
> >> use the versions provided by TeX Live.  Or even newer versions
> >> in own TEXMF trees.
> > Or those in ~/.fonts, which is *the* canonical directory to
> > install your preferred fonts in.
> ...
> > The texmf vs. system fonts matter could be made configurable as
> > well, allowing the user to prioritize as they see fit. 
> As with xetex it can lead to a broken output if xetex and xdvipdfmx
> choose different fonts I'm fighting with the "how to handle font
> versions" problem already for some time - I had to add a
> <rejectfont> to my conf-file to avoid clashes. You simply can't
> avoid that some fonts come back in a texmf tree through updates.
> Imho some configuration options are needed in the future but on two
> levels:
> On the tex system level: 
> - When the tex system installs an open type font it should be
> possible to choose the installation location (texmf or system) (and
> use it later for updates).
> On the luaotfload level:
> - luaotfload should warn if a font exists twice 

It does now with --verbose=2 or greater.

> - it should be configurable which location is prefered (comparable
> to the "dvipspreferoutline" of updmap)

Now: luaotfload-tool --prefer-texmf.

>                                        - if possible also on a font
> basis so that one can override the general decision for specific
> fonts. 

Don’t absolute paths cover that?

> (I agree with you that one can't know which font a user want to use.
> So there is no sensible default location.)



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