[lltx] lualatex-math cannot find unpack function

Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Aug 7 09:14:36 CEST 2013

···<date: 2013-08-06, Tuesday>···<from: Wolfgang Jeltsch>···

> Am Montag, den 05.08.2013, 23:01 +0200 schrieb Philipp Gesang:
> > In most documents the fallback is available through luaotfload or
> > lualibs since l-lua.lua establishes a compatibility layer [1].
> I think it would be best if the compatibility code would exist in only
> one core Lua module, which is then imported by the other modules. I
> think the current solution, where the same patching of table (or _G) is
> done in several modules, is somehow wrong.

The code was written by Hans, it is him you have to address your
feature requests to.

Although there is a good deal of duplication between Lualibs and
Luaotfload code for obvious reasons, I don’t see a problem
insofar as the basic modules do not break when loaded multiple
times. Anyways, it would be possible to have the Lualibs detect
the presence of Luaotfload and then differentiate as to which
libraries it loads. But then the parts would be loaded out of
order. I’m not optimistic regarding the outcome as some code uses
fallbacks for missing functionality and we would have to isolate
those regions and reinject them so they use the correct version.
Naturally that is going to be a fragile arrangement which would
have to be checked every time there is a change to the core
libraries. I don’t think that’d be worth the effort since the
gain is at best marginal.

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