[lltx] mkluatexfontdb -> fontdbutil

Philipp Gesang Philipp.Gesang at alumni.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Apr 26 19:57:36 CEST 2013

Hi Karl, all,

···<date: 2013-04-26, Friday>···<from: Karl Berry>···

> I realized that your initial idea of "luatex" in the script name 
> sounds better than just "lua".  After all, it's really about the
> application (luatex) not the language (lua).

Or “luaotfload”. That’s how all the files are prefixed now (was

> But "util" could be omitted.  Then it'd be links like
> luatexfontdb --info
> luatexfontdb --find

Khaled suggests that we avoid the “td” cluster to improve


I like his idea of hyphenating the name.

> etc.
> Seems ok?


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