[lltx] how to disable language before dumping it to lualatex.fmt?

Linas Stonys lstonys at vtex.lt
Fri Nov 23 15:40:01 CET 2012

Here's what I can do:

cyrillic loadhyph-ru-cyrl.tex

loadhyph-ru-cyrl.tex will be:

% Test whether we received one or two arguments
% That's Tau (as in Taco or ΤΕΧ, Tau-Epsilon-Chi), a 2-byte UTF-8 
\testengine Τ!\relax
% Unicode-aware engine (such as XeTeX or LuaTeX) only sees a single 
(2-byte) argument
     \ifx\l at cyrillic\@undefined\else
         \global\let\l at cyrillic\relax
         \global\advance \last at language by-1
     \message{Not supported for XeTeX or LuaTeX}
     \message{Cyrillic Hyphenation Patterns for "russian" (vtex)}
     \input ruhyph.tex

so, It's almost everything I want, bat I still don't not, how to get rid 
of "cyrillic"  word in that information line (where I can see
hyphenation patterns when compile a document):

"LuaTeX adaptation of babel <v3.8m-luatex-1.5> and hyphenation patterns 
for engl
ish, dumylang, nohyphenation, cyrillic, loaded."

Any ideas?
Can't find the token list where the languages are stored.

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