[lltx] broken dash ligatures

Stephan Hennig mailing_list at arcor.de
Sun May 8 23:49:51 CEST 2011


I'm observing broken dash ligatures with certain Microsoft fonts
(including Cambria).  The attached code tests the -- and --- ligatures
on a number of fonts distributed by TeX Live, the Google font library
and Windows 7.  The ligatures work for the TeX Live and Google fonts,
but fail for all but one Windows 7 fonts (Franklin Gothic Medium).  The
PDF file can be downloaded at
<URL:http://home.arcor.de/stephanhennig/Downloads/dashes.pdf>, ca. 200 kB.

Is this a known problem?

Best regards,
Stephan Hennig

Windows 7, x64, SP1

>lualatex -version
This is LuaTeX, Version beta-0.66.0-2011041707 (Web2C 2011) (rev 4141)

 *File List*
 minimal.cls    2001/05/25 Standard LaTeX minimal class
fontspec.sty    2011/02/26 v2.1f Advanced font selection for
luaotfload.sty    2011/04/21 v1.25 OpenType layout system

\newcommand*{\test}[1]{\setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{#1}#1: -- ---\par}

\test{Latin Modern Roman}
\test{Linux Libertine O}
\test{Punk Nova}
\test{TeX Gyre Adventor}
\test{TeX Gyre Bonum}
\test{TeX Gyre Chorus}
\test{TeX Gyre Cursor}
\test{TeX Gyre Heros}
\test{TeX Gyre Pagella}
\test{TeX Gyre Schola}
\test{TeX Gyre Termes}

\test{Droid Serif}
\test{Droid Sans}
\test{EB Garamond}
\test{Old Standard}

\test{Franklin Gothic Medium}
\test{Palatino Linotype}
\test{Times New Roman}


%%% Local Variables:
%%% mode: latex
%%% TeX-master: t
%%% End:

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