[lltx] Alternate (and Annotation) option under fontspec does not work

Will Robertson wspr81 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 09:47:34 CEST 2011

On 29/06/2011, at 3:39 PM, Dohyun Kim wrote:

> \fontspec[Alternate=1,ExternalLocation]{Junicode-Regular}
> Upon compiling with luatex, the code above works flawlessly.
> However, compiling with lualatex gives me some warnings like this:
> fontspec warning: OpenType feature 'Alternate=1' (+salt=2) not available


Thanks for the report, I can confirm this behaviour with TL2010.
(It *does* work in XeLaTeX, however.)

I'm not sure if this is a luaotfload problem or a fontspec problem; I've added a bug to the issue tracker here so it won't be forgotten:


-- Will

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